Plant Nutrients

Plant Nutrients
Plant Nutrients

There are many different plant nutrients on the market from many different plant nutrients companies. These plant nutrients are designed to go with all types of growing media such as Coco and Soil and for different types of water such as hard water and soft water. Some of these plant nutrients are Organic and some are Chemical nutrients.

We at Tropicanna have tried and tested all of these plant nutrients and we believe that what we offer are the best plant nutrients for all over the world from the budget end of the market to the high end nutrients.

The market leaders at the moment are Canna. They have a wide range of base nutrient and an additive range to match. There organic range is called Bio Canna which has base nutrients and additives. Canna also have a single part nutrient range called Canna Mono Nutrients.

Aptus are a Dutch plant nutrient company who are relatively new to the UK market. They have a large presence in North America and all over the rest of Europe. Their plant nutrients are mineral mined organic and they come in high concentration bottle for ease of transport. They also sell organic pellets called All In One that are used instead of a base nutrient which are very popular.

House and Garden are also a Dutch company that have been making plant nutrients for some time now. They offer a wide range of base nutrients to cover all types of growing media and have an extensive range of additives as well.

Vitalink are a UK based plant nutrient company who know the UK market well. They are very popular among growers and have a base nutrient range for all growing media along with a good additive range.

Another UK based plant nutrient company is Ionic. They are a single part plant nutrient and a PK Booster to go with it. Ionic are one of the cheapest on the market but don't let this fool you as they are still a very good nutrient. They offer a stimulant range called Green Fuse that is not well know but is very good. 

Plant Magic Old Timer is a high quality organic plant nutrient with a grow and flower nutrient.

From North America Green Planet plant nutrients are very popular in the USA and Canada. With only one base nutrient that can be used over all types of media they have a wide range of additives. They also have an all in one nutrient called Medi One, this has been designed so all you need to use all the way through your grow is this. 

GHE plant nutrients are made in France and one of the longest running plant nutrient company anywhere in the world. There Flora Nova range are mineral mined organics that is a single part nutrient with amazing results.

Another plant nutrient company fro Canada is Canadian Xpress. With a very good additive range they are very popular with growers using hydroponics systems such as NFT or Bubble Pots. We don't like there base nutrient range as much so people tend to use nutrients such as Canna Aqua instead.

As organic plant nutrients go Bio Bizz is one of the most popular in the UK. It has a single part nutrient for grow and bloom and a wide range of additives to go along side. With there own soil and coco range they are one of the best organic plant nutrients on the market.