Opticlimate Climate Control Systems

The Opticlimate is made with, robust, thick, durable coated steel plate. Due to its plat design, it is possible to position the Opticlimate on the floor, below the tables, suspend it, or place it on a beam construction without wasting valuable space.

The Opticlimate can be used with its remote control which has a large, clear, easily read display showing its functions and settings. With the remote, you will always have an up-to-date overview of the current status (day or night setting, cooling or heating) and any alerts (see also alarm log function).

The Opticlimate is the safest system!

  • An in-built temperature safety switch ensures that lamps are switched off if the set maximum temperature is exceeded, for instance when the water supply is obstructed. Without this switch, an event like this could cause a fire.
  • If the water hits the water sensor, the built-in water leakage safety switch will shut off the water supply. This may occur, in the event of a burst pipe, broken link/connection or a blocked sewer.
  • The Opticlimate is fire safe because all electrical components, including the heating and the connections, are fitted inside a steel casing.
  • The Opticlimate has an alarm output that can be used to send an SMS alert in case of faults.

The Opticlimate’s unique functions

  • Dual room operation: with this function a single Opticlimate can be used to cool two rooms at the same time, using the included 3-way valve and an extra temperature sensor.
  • The Opticlimate will check the day room and the night room simultaneously. Thanks to this function, a technical area with two large extractors and fan controllers are no longer required.
  • Pre-Heat: this function preheats the room when changing over from night to day. This prevents condensation on the crop, thus also preventing mould and increasing photosynthesis during the start.
  • Slow Cool down: this function ensures the temperature does not decrease too rapidly once the lamps have been switched off. This prevents condensation and thus prevents mould.
  • Cool at night: this function ensures that the room can be cooled down during the night, for instance in summer.
  • Alarm log function: this function can be used to view any alerts, so any further issues can be avoided.
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