Growing Systems

There are many different grow systems available on the market today. They have all been designed to help aid the grower produce the highest yielding harvest that is possible. Depending on the growers choice and preferred method, there is a system available especially developed to meet your needs and preferred growing routine. They vary from true hydroponics systems that are purely water based, such as the Aliens DWC and the amazon aeroponics to systems such as Autopot that can be used with soil and coco.

The Multiflow System is the original flood and drain setup. It is comprised of numerous pots that can be filled with any media such a coco, pebbles or growstones. These pots are then flooded by the nutrient rich solution from the base upward. Once the pots are flooded the nutrient solution is drained until it is needed again where the flooding process is repeated. Multi Flow systems nearest competitor is Alien Flood and Drain Systems working on the same flooding principles.

Alien System have also bought out there DWC  (Deep Water Culture) System using 20L pots and their Alien DWC XL System using 27L pots. Both systems boast more pipe work to help the flow of water around the system. Expect huge results with both these systems!!

Autopot Hydroponic Systems are increasingly becoming more popular. They have no electrical parts and rely on a gravity feed watering system. It is a very reliable and easy to use. They have also bought out the Autopot XL System recently extending there range of great products.

NFT Systems (Nutrient Film Technique) is of one the oldest grow systems but still very popular. It gives you a constant flow of water across the root base. The plants are usually placed in rockwool cubes or slabs.