Since 2001 in the UK, Micromix Plant Health Ltd have been designing, developing and manufacturing a variety of hydroponic plant nutrients and biostimulants on behalf of the various marketing companies who have sold those products successfully under their own brands in the UK and in many countries overseas. Micromix sells speciality plant micronutrients and biostimulants in 18 countries around the world in various crops from peas to pistachios and to markets from Kent to Korea. It is a member of the British Contract Manufacturers and Packers Association and the Garden Industries Manufacturers Association. It has a reputation for developing cutting edge plant health products using unique formulation technologies to generate improved returns for growers in many markets. The synthesis, formulation and production operation is based on a 6 acre site at Langar near Nottingham in the UK. From here some 8000 tons of specialist liquids, suspensions and soluble plant nutrients were shipped in 2009 together with over 2000 tons of other agricultural products.

Evoponic Ltd is the new Micromix subsidiary specifically supplying the hydroponic market. Every bit of specialist knowledge, technology and experience that the key chemists, plant pathologists, biologists and plant nutritionists at Micromix have accumulated over the last 24 years will all be focused on producing the new Evoponic range.

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