Air Pots

Air Pots have been around for a long time but have only recently been used in the hydroponics industry. They are a simple but unique design that increases the amount of roots that your plant produces and prevents them from circling round you pot leaving the middle with very few roots.

The Air Pot works by letting the roots grow to the side of the pot and them guiding it to one of the many holes found all around the Air Pot. The tip of the root will come out the side of the Air Pot and be killed off by the light and air. This will in turn cause the rest of the root to branch out all the way up to the base of the plant.

With Air Pots you are guaranteed to see the best root system your plant has ever had. The size and structure of your root system does matter.

All Air Pots are made in the UK and made of 100% recycled plastic.

Tropicanna highly rate these pots and we believe they are the best on the market.

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